Montag, 28. Januar 2013


Despite some identifiable weaknesses- the usually reliable but here sorely miscast Don Cheadle, the rather ineffective music, an ending that errs just on the side of sentimentality- Robert Zemeckis' "Flight" is an utterly gripping piece of filmmaking with a fantastic original script by John Gatins, which takes one single incident to weave together an addiction drama/character study/morality tale/legal thriller that's intense, human, tremendously satisfying.

Registering every note of the complicated emotions of a deeply flawed character, letting temptation, pride, indignity, guilt, self-hatred all flash through his eyes without vanity or pretension, Denzel Washington hit an absolute home-run with this layered, engaging, powerful lead performance that's worthy of a 3rd Oscar (yes, in my opinion it's even better than DDL's turn as Lincoln).

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