Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Take This Waltz

In the last 20 minutes of "Take This Waltz", the movie changes course quite drastically and diminishes the magnificent, bittersweet swoon left by the 90 minutes that came before considerably.

That said, with the help of the infinitely talented and adorable Michelle Williams and her two brilliantly cast on-screen partners, a splendid visual palette exploding with kaleidoscopic colors, a pop-flavored soundtrack swaying in cheers, sorrows and brittle expectations, and above all the funny, perceptive, honest words penned by writer/director Sarah Polley, we get to see how the most natural attraction between two people develops ever so subtly, innocently, unstoppably, how the flirting, pining, dreaming, despairing blend into a hopeless dance, how love goes about casting its spells and doing its damage all within an hour and a half- and it's a beautiful, heartbreaking thing to see.

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