Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

Berlinale: Mes séances de lutte (Love Battles) / Frances Ha

Leave it to the French to make a movie about people so consumed by their feelings words, gestures no longer suffice to provide outlet and all attempts at expression or communication come off looking so outlandish and bizarre you don't know whether to laugh or be shocked. In Jacques Doillon's "Mes séances de lutte (Love Battles)", the two main characters argue, wrestle, have sex all in a baffling whirlwind of love, hate, lust, power play most of the time I have no idea what's going on. Whether that's art or just plain lunacy, it looks pretty ridiculous.

Noah Baumbach's sweet and funny "Frances Ha" is probably too loosely structured for its own good, drifting a bit aimlessly in the middle; but the script is peppered with the kind of wit and charm born of sharp observations of life's follies and a keen understanding of what it's like to be down on one's luck that you can't help but identify with and delight in the heroine's various efforts to get her act together. The quick cuts and somewhat crazed soundtrack lend the film a manic, sparkly beat, and the always lovely Greta Gerwig delivers yet another winning performance; her monologue about finding that "look at a party" is silly, honest, incredibly tender.

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