Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Berlinale: Top of the Lake

Watching Jane Campion's mini-series "Top of the Lake" is a frustrating (and as a 6-hour movie marathon physically demanding) experience. Sizeable tension and good suspense is built towards the middle of the 6-part feature, but it takes quite a while for the story to get a firm grip on its tone and rhythm, before the whole thing finally peters out with a whimper.

The cast does a fine job with what it's given to do. Elisabeth Moss is quietly affecting as the police officer on a mission, especially when the hard shell of her character's composure breaks away. Robyn Malcolm provides strong comedic relief, even if I'm not sure whether all those laughs do this crime series favors. Ditto veteran thespians Peter Mullan and Holly Hunter, both convincing in their performances despite having to portray characters leaning toward the zany side. The sprawling landscape of New Zealand with its endless mountain ridge and water bodies offers the best visual representation of mystery and the unknowable, too bad the writer of this missing-child/ small-town-criminality/ police drama didn't come up with much more than an enticing hook to warrant all this scenic wonder.

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