Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Die Wand (The Wall)

Julian Roman Pölsler's literary adaptation "Die Wand (The Wall)" is extraordinary in a somewhat perplexing way: it's a survival tale, a single-woman performance piece, a modern-day fable, a National Geographic special, a somber psychological drama, a subtle sci-fi thriller and a philosophical discourse on the essence of humanity all in one- a cinematic anomaly that's at once breathtakingly boring and stupendously exciting.

Despite, maybe even because of the excruciating formal restrictions (featuring one lone actress, voice-overed throughout), a soaring sense of creative freedom and narrative mastery is palpable, allowing the profundity of the heroine's reflections on man and nature, moral and faith to seep through and sink in. Martina Gedeck is superb as the sole face and voice of the movie, but the true star here is the ceaseless, piercing, wrenchingly exquisite monologue originally penned by Marlen Haushofer. The beauty and power of the German word has seldom been so eminently displayed on film.

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