Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

2014 German Film Awards

The handsomely made but stupendously one-dimensional revenge western "Das finstere Tal (The Dark Valley)", in which a guy returns to his birth place to kill off everybody, sweeps the 2014 German Film Awards, taking home 8 Lola's, including Best Film (Silver). The movie is not bad per se, but just so blatantly unoriginal in concept and incessantly serious in execution it's like a Tarantino rip-off with the caffeine taken out.

Beating it to the top prize is the 4-hour family saga "Die andere Heimat- Chronik einer Sehnsucht (Home from Home)", which also won prizes for Directing and Screenplay. 

Together with the Nazi/Stasi persecution drama "Zwei Leben (Two Lives)" (Bronze), the three winners in the Best Film Category are also the three most humorless candidates of the nominees. Yeah, should have known. 

Full list of winners: 

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