Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

The Broken Circle Breakdown

Through smart, sober direction that uses fragmented narrative to reassemble the most joyous and devastating moments in a stormy relationship plagued with misfortune, young Belgian filmmaker Felix Van Groeningen managed to take the audience down to the depths of human sorrow and desperation without resorting to the shallow tricks of misery porn in "The Broken Circle Breakdown". It's a testament to his skills and the tremendous performances by both lead actors that no bad taste of exploitation is left by what's likely to be the saddest movie you'll see all year (child cancer is just the beginning).

Extra credit must be given to the ingenious use of bluegrass country music throughout the film. Who would have thought the sweet, care-free sound of banjo and mandolin could pack such an emotional punch, add such layers to the most tragic story and elicit such strong instinctive response? Both in film and in music, not a false note.

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