Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

Filmfest München: Die Erfindung der Liebe (The Invention of Love)

German comedy "Die Erfindung der Liebe (The Invention of Love)" is a most curious affair. What began as a challenge for writer/director Lola Randl, who was faced with the sudden death of her lead actress halfway through shooting, was turned into a metaphysical, almost existential exercise in breaking the fourth wall when she restructured the script around the unfortunate circumstance and created a Charlie Kaufman-like movie-in-a-movie-in-a-movie. The strains can be felt here and there, when the weight of incomprehensibility and deceit threatens to catch up on authorial cleverness. For the most part the movie's a delight though, not to mention admirable. It's certainly the most original solution to an impossible problem, possibly even surpassing what the movie could have been if everything ran according to plan.

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