Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

Filmfest München: Finsterworld

German director Frauke Finsterwalder's "Finsterworld" is the kind of movie you could tell would be a remarkable read as a novel. It starts out viciously funny, gradually takes on a sinister tone and ends in a melancholic glow of revelation. For my taste the grimness of the fallout could be dialed down a little (oh the Germans and their masochistic need for self-reflection) but the confidence and dexterity with which the director navigates these different narrative tones is inarguable. The cast is heaven-sent. I'd be surprised if the supporting acting races at next year's German Film Awards are not dominated by performances from this movie (there's no obvious lead). The quirkily atmospheric film music and the finely textured costume design also work wonders.

If you're a chronically cynical person but also just a little scared inside, this movie will eat you up.

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