Samstag, 26. Januar 2013


For audience members unfamiliar with American Civil War history, there will probably be dry patches in Steven Spielberg's elegant, understated, deliberately-paced "Lincoln". In general, the 150-min epic could have gone down better without some of the familial subplots.

With the scene of the passing of the 13th Amendment, however, Spielberg proves he's still the master of populist cinema, here perfectly orchestrating the words of Tony Kushner's meticulous script on a mini-cosmos of politics and media, schemes and deals, morals and convictions, the handsome cinematography by Janusz Kamiński lending every frame a gentle light and emotional angle, and the notes of John Williams' poignant, soothing score to recreate a rousing moment of dramatic tension and monumental gravity that's manipulative but nonetheless inarguably goosebumps-worthy.

Not sure if this amounts to one of Daniel Day-Lewis' best work, but he does manage to disappear thoroughly into one of the best known historical figures of all time and gives an incredibly charismatic performance. Tommy Lee Jones as the outspoken and idealistic congressman Thaddeus Stevens is, for my money, the true scene-stealer.

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